You’ve seen my holiday pics, I’ve had an amazing time. I’ve seen wonderful things and besides sightseeing in the most wonderful places, I also had the time to relax and come to my senses from all the hard work. So you’d say that I would feel sad to get back to work, but no, in fact, it’s nothing like that…






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From the last week of my vacation until the day I landed in Amsterdam I had been looking forward to my return. Even before I left I realized that I was happy with my life here in Amsterdam and by the end of my trip I started missing that so much. I missed the funniest things, from my favorite yoghurt in the morning to watching desperate housewives in bed at night. And of course, I also missed my friends, my family, my life and even yes, my work! But how am I thankful for that!

Where ever I go, I always seem to have a lot to come back for. I have a lot of respect for people who leave their homes and never return, but I guess I am not that type of person. As I mentioned in my previous post, I want to keep wandering, I want to keep exploring the world. But Amsterdam is my home and my lifestyle here is something I can only miss for 3 weeks or so haha.

However, back here a lot of work was waiting for me. I have so many fun upcoming collaborations and projects; I didn’t really know where to start. My house and agenda are still a big chaos, but I know it will all turn out fine.

What I will be missing from my vacation are the hot temperatures and beautiful backdrops. For these photos I had to fake a smile, since it wasn’t really warm enough to wear a lace crop top with matching shorts, but hey, I just had to show you this beautiful new co-ord of mine. I matched it to this lovely warm  cardigan of mine that will come in handy during this time of the year. Accessories here are my new Triwa sunnies with wooden look and my real wooden watch from Konifer.

I must say I was kinda amazed when I first laid eyes on Konifer’s wooden watch collection, because I had never seen wooden watches before and I think it’s such a unique and creative innovation to the metal watches we are used to. It’s also funny that these watches come in different shapes and colors, which makes a statement piece like this wearable for everyone. I took this bold black one with light detailing and as the brand says it theirselves I have found in this watch not just a timeless piece, but also a “one of a kind” beautiful work of art.

Let me know what you think of it!



Wearing: Stylemoi co-ord / Wildfox cardigan / Primark heels / Konifer watch / Triwa sunglasses
Photos by Piet Bruin (my father)

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