Ok, so you are heading to the beach and don’t know what to wear? Let me take you through the do’s and don’ts and show you what I’d wear in a lookbook video.


What to wear to the beach? Here are some do’s and don’ts.

1. Bikini as a top
If you have a great taste for bikinis and bathing suits which I will now simply assume you do, since you are watching my videos (ha ha love you), I would suggest wearing that amazing top or bathing suit like a top. This is a lot easier than finding a matching top and is also better when it’s really hot.

2. Light materials
Aside from denim shorts, I would also suggest to wear light items to the beach. Once you’ve gone in the water and if it’s really hot outside, the last thing you want is struggle to get your pants or top back on again. So chiffon or cotton is key!

3. Simple shoes
Unless you are having a beach party (which I suggested with my third look) I would advice to wear sandals or sneakers. For Greek beaches sneakers are better because of the pebbles, but in other countries: sandals or flip flops are the way to go. Why am I even writing this down? This was such an easy one!



More info about this look in the description box of my video here

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