We all know the denim on denim trend which never really seemed to leave after being introduced in 2012. But I didn’t want to be tacky using that denim on denim term again for this title. However, in this look I am adding a super unexpected denim item. I mean, we know denim from jeans and jackets, skirts and shirts. But this accessory piece…

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Yasss. It’s a denim watch. How nice huh? After the wooden watch it was about time that I got myself a denim strapped watch. I found this at Cluse Watches. And I love how it’s further made up of a white plate and rose golden details.

It may sound weird but when dressing up this look, I began with the watch. This denim watch can be combined to a lot of items, since besides black and white I think that denim is the nr 3 color/fabric that matches well to everything. But I wanted to play my cards differently, and thought it would be fun to push my love for denim a little further and make it a total denim look.

These jeans from Topshop are my ultimate favorites these days. They have the perfect mom jeans fit and feature some cool details. On top I am wearing a silver top for a fun twist and then I added some more denim with this padded jacket.

I think it all looks super cool together, what do you think?



Wearing: Topshop jeans / H&M top / Asos jacket / Cluse watch / Public Desire boots
In association with Cluse Watches
Photos by Meau

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