As my blog is evolving, so is my photography. Sometimes it is kinda hard to find the right backdrop, but with the right camera and the right attitude you can always find a nice spot to shoot blog pictures. And then there are a few spots that always work and the best part is that these are spots that you can find everywhere in the world. I’ve listed them here for you…


1. A plain wall
Okay, this one is easy. A plain wall can of course be found everywhere in the world, from bright pink to white or wooden. It could be the walls inside or outside your house. All you need is the right lighting (preferably daylight) and you have your photography spot.

2. Zebra crossing
This might be my favorite as this spot gives your pictures a nonchalant vibe, as if you were really just casually crossing the road. Of course, there is nothing casual about going back and forth 16 times to get the right shot, but once you do have the photo, it’s probably gonna be amazing. These photos work best with a 50mm lens, making the background a little blurry.

3. A long street
Besides a zebra crossing, a long street can do the trick as well. For example, a high road (be careful though!) or a city street. The street reaching out far behind you can make your picture super dynamic.

4. Stairs
I am kind of a fan of stairs when it comes to shooting, as long as they are clean and radiate the vibe I am going for, whether it’s urban or classic. Also nice about this one is the easy way in which you can sit down and have your bag besides you, everything being photographed in detail.

5. Doors & ports
This one is less easy, cause it depends on where you are. I basically love all doors and ports in Paris, but these are harder to find in Amsterdam. I especially love doors with bold and graceful details. The result of such pictures can be magical.

6. Graffiti
Graffiti can especially be found in Berlin, haha. But of course you have this everywhere (and if not you could spray some yourself – just kidding). It depends on your style, as graffiti is very colorful. I don’t use graffiti walls in my background a lot, but it can be a fun accent to some street style shots.

7. Terrace
This one is kinda trendy at the moment. I must agree that it can be hard to find a terrace on which you won’t annoy other people and other people won’t annoy you, looking stupid in the background. But results can be astonishing. I also love the pictures that are made from outside when you are sitting at a table inside. So cute and lifestyle-ish. I must agree that’s not perfect for photography of your full outfit.

What are your favorite places to photograph? Did I miss anything?



Photos by Lily & Meau

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