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Sometimes in fashion, we’ll see things that we don’t understand. Things that, although being criticized at the beginning, will end up being totally hot in the end. I think this is such thing… Rivets! As seen on the runway many times…

I mean, why… why would you want to kill a dress by perforating it? Doesn’t that sound a bit mental? I guess it does, but we all know that a good sense of distressing brings about the best fashion items, like ripped jeans, cut off shorts or laser cut leather. Yes, if it’s done the right way it’s kinda cool.

So although I had seen some outfits with rivets on and off runways being totally criticized by the press, I did not close my eyes when I saw this coming by as a trend. Instead, I took a closer look and I must say that I kinda like it. Especially the one by Mugler. It has such cool pattern that it makes the dress stand out from the basic kind of dress it would’v been had it not have rivets.

In fact, I am also thankful for this new kind of embellishment, cause it was about time that we would decorate our items with a new adornment. The rivets on black leather give the ultimate punk vibe, whilst on white cotton it can still be feminine chique. I love that it’s so versatile and I really look forward to purchasing an item with rivets, cause it can be styled in so many different ways.

Let me know what you think of rivets. Yay or Nay? And why?


In this photo: Calvin Klein, Mugler, Anthony Vaccarello
Photo via Vogue Paris

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