In a previous post I told you guys all about the latest swimwear trends, from colors to structures and from structures to adornments. But what I always considered a struggle was to wear my swimwear underneath my clothing. When I’d go to the beach I would always have a little stress moment “Will I wear my bikini under my clothes? What to wear anyway!?” My closet has always been full of good stuff, but somehow it could sometimes be hard to wear something that covers the structure of my bikini or compliments it. So in this post, I am trying to figure out what works when it comes to beachwear. As much as I am doing this for you, I am also doing this for myself… Let’s see…

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Sea true, see-through
You either wanna wear that crochet top that is see-through or you want everybody to see that amazing new monokini of yours. This makes for the perfect combo and the perfect excuse to show of your bikini even though you haven’t reached the beach just yet. Personally I really love this as a peek at swimwear instantly gives off summer vibes. I especially love it when the bikini or swimsuit has a lot of color to spice up the ensemble. A lace tunic like the one above from LASCANA is perfect to throw on after a beach day when it’s getting chilly but you still wanna hang around. And a crochet top can easily be worn with shorts for a stroll down the boulevard, final destination: sea.

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No straps attached
You would think that a strapless bikini can be worn under anything and in the basics this is true. But it’s also the best moment to pull out that strapless dress or that singlet top as this is the moment that it will come into it’s own. The main reason to wear a strapless bikini for most women is the fact that it won’t leave any tan lines, so why not start with your outerwear! Personally I am a huge fan of black maxi dresses during the summer. They have that sophisticated look and besides, days on the beach can be long and a maxi dress is the easiest way to go from day to night without having to change.

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Complimenting colors
Ok so with a strapless bikini you obviously choose for no one to see the straps or even get a hint of the fact that you are wearing a bikini under your clothing. But sometimes you do want that colorful bikini strap to pop or that halter neck to show, if only to get in the mood for a pool party or a beach festival. In this case you can either go for color tones that match (taupe and khaki, beige and coral) or you can go for colors that clash (purple and pink, blue and green). Whatever you do, my advise would be to play around with it. Since you chose to show off the bikini, don’t hold back when it comes down to it. An elegant blouse dress asks for elegant colors, but a playful floral dress might as well be highlighted by something colorful.

In the end I feel like this has been such a hurdle but eventually it’s also very nice to just try things out and experiment with what works. Unfortunately we don’t have too many beach days in the Netherlands but on my next vacation I will definitely go for it. Nice to know that statement swimsuits come to fruition even though you are wearing clothes and transparent tops don’t need to be a hurdle if you’d just choose the right bikini underneath. Also very convenient for festivals where there is no pool or sea involved at all!

Which of these ways to style a bikini is your favorite? And what do you think of accessorizing?



All items in this post via Lascana.nl

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