Like I mentioned in my previous posts, it is a very busy period for me and my blog. A lot of cool projects are coming up and I am super excited. Sometimes it feels like I am juggling, trying to hold up a lot of balls all at once. A woman like me literally needs balls to do so haha. And besides that, running from one place to another also urges for fashionable everyday outfits. Lucky me, I have a wardrobe full of good stuff. And there are three tips I’d like to share with you today on how to look cool during busy days, that will make it easier to pick an outfit during such periods.

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So yes, being so busy I am trying to keep my cool and look cool at the same time. That means I need my everyday life to be as easy as possible. The basics, like grocery shopping and cleaning my home are often things I do in a hurry, meanwhile thinking of what to wear or dressing up all the while. Luckily, getting dressed seems to get easier and easier. How? Here are some things I keep in mind…

1. Basic vs non-basic
Take a good look at this outfit. What we see is a basic sweater in a nice color with a nice text, matched to a pleated golden skirt (better referred to as non-basic). Would I have worn the sweater with jeans, it would have been super basic; a laid-back school or stay-at-home outfit. Would I have worn the skirt with a black lace top I would have been ready to party. But mixing these two together I got an ensemble that isn’t basic nor too much. This is definitely something I would wear to an event. I always try to dress up my basics and dress down the killer items to create an edgy look for daily life.

2. Color tricks
In this look I am wearing three items within the same sort of color, but in a different teint. And how I love playing with colors like that. I must admit that I regret that I didn’t add a pop of color to this outfit. A yellow bag, pink nails or orange sunglasses could have been the way to go here. Instead I went with black shoes and a black bag. That kept this outfit simple. But colors can really do magic, altogether.

3. Add accessories
There are only a few days on which I go out of the house without wearing accessories. I would always at least wear a ring or a set of earrings. But mostly both. And there is one type of accessory that always seems to work. It catches the eye, is super practical, and somehow I feel that it compliments your personality since it can be such a personal choice: a watch. I wear a lot of different watches from Renard, a brand that I work with closely and that I have really come to love. The brand, like me, stands for individuals who are confident and know who they are and wanna be. A vision that totally matches my lifestyle, now more than ever.



Wearing: Nola Nova sweater / Vero Moda skirt / Missguided shoes / Renard watch / TOMS sunglasses / Moschino bag
Photos by my dad

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