I know, I know, guys, summer has come to an end. And if you’ve been watching my instagram account you must be wondering: “What’s up with that girl, still posting photos of her vacation in Cuba!?” Well… I just happen to have a lot of photos from my trip that are post-worthy and I wouldn’t wanna wait until winter to post it… Then why am I posting sunglasses on my blog? Well, that’s simple. Let me explain…




If you’ve seen my video from last year which was all about the essentials for fall 2014, you may have seen that I pointed out that sunglasses are a must have for autumn/winter as well. Sunglasses during the winter? Sounds strange, I know, but there are so many reasons to wear sunglasses during fall/winter as well. One of them being that there is always sunlight, so to protect your eyes during the day, outside, is never a wrong thing to do.

Another reason to wear sunnies during fall is, haha, that it completes your look. And really, I am one of those people who hates to see people wear sunnies inside, that’s a no-go! But if it completes your look when outside, I’d say YES!

Now there is one important factor when it comes to wearing sunnies during fall: The sunnies should not be too summery, instead they should radiate a cool vibe. For example, black square glasses are more suited than polka dot printed round sunnies or heart-shaped white ones.

And then, there is of course always the type of sunglasses that you can wear all year round. I’ve seen at least one of my favorite blogger doing it and although I am not a copycat I am proud to follow Sincerely Jules in her everlasting love for Ray Ban sunglasses.

You may have seen me wearing these sunnies in a previous post here. This look was perfect for the summer and is very much adjustable to a fall look. I bet my sunnies will go along perfectly fine with these transitions.

What do you think of sunnies during fall? Yay or nay? And what’s your favorite kind of sunnies for this season?



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