You must all be familiar with Amsterdam Fashion Week, since this has always been thé week for fashionista’s to inspire and get inspired. Well, there’s another fashion period added to the list, called Salone della Moda, a fashion weekend which was this year held in Rotterdam. Lily and I were there and stayed in a hotel nearby. Let me tell you all about it…








You may have reckoned that I tend to write about more than just my outfits lately. I’d really love to see my blog expand from fashion to lifestyle, travel and beauty. Cause after all, I started my blog to inspire people and I get the feeling that you, being my readers, would like to see more of what I am doing rather than just ootd’s.

This is why I love doing hotel reviews as well. It gives you an impression of what my days traveling for my blog are like and moreover, it gives me the chance to inform you about places to stay whereever you are.

So here’s another round of hotel reviews. I stayed at the Ibis Hotel in Rotterdam, cause fashion weekend started at 7 pm and finished around 10. It would’ve been such a hurdle to go back from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, so our night at Ibis was a great solution, for it offered us just what we needed: a comfortable stay in a great location. The hotel is situated near to Blaak Station where you’ll find the Markthallen (something like food halls) just across the street. Here, we had a quick dinner before we headed to Salone della Moda, which by the way, was a nice alternative to fashion week although I think that the core fashion scene is not yet familiar with it. I don’t know i fit will be a hit, but I saw some great designers and got to meet some inspiring people as well.

Back to the hotel: As you can tell from my photos, the rooms in Ibis are quite spacey and the lounge is a fun and inspiring place which we used to take a lunch break with our laptops in the afternoon and a place to relaxe after 3 hours in heels at Salone della Moda.

Okay, brief description this time, for I don’t want to go on and on about both the event and the hotel. How about I start a new way of describing hotels from now on? For example, I could discuss: bathroom, room, ambiance, location, public rooms, facillities, dining&drinks, etc when I make my next hotel reviews. What do you think? What thinks would you like to find on this list? What would you like to know more about?



Hotel: Ibis Rotterdam City Centre
Photos by Lily (


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