After a long while, it’s time for a video again. I am so excited to show you the details of these new jewelry pieces of mine… Ever heard of necklaces that turn into bracelets? Or bracelets that turn into necklaces? Ever heard of Cliccessory? Let me tell you all about it…

The brand I am working with in this video is called cliccessory and the name says it all: accessories with a click system. And this click system is simply amazing, because it makes possible to click different kinds of jewelry pieces together to make one of it. This way you can create, for example, a short or long necklace out of a bracelet.

Make sure you watch the video to get an impression of what I mean here!
Besides that, I am happy to offer all of you 10% discount on the entire collection, using discount code larissa10 . Have fun matching your set together and don’t forget to tag me on social media so I can watch your creativity!


Check out the full Cliccessory collection here




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