Fun activities in Copenhagen


Copenhagen. Again. But way more beautiful this time, cause the weather was good. Sunny and almost to warm for our coats. Let me tell you all about this trip with Vero Moda here…









During our final trip to Copenhagen, Wendy, Farah and I had a lovely schedule again. On day one we were free to do whatever we liked, so we chose to go on a canal tour, which took us through the city. Besides beautiful architecture, we also got to see some of Copenhagen’s cultural spots, starting at Nyhavn. The boat took us alongside various monuments, the old mast crane, and we even went by the Little Mermaid, a statue I’ve heard everyone talking about. I can tell you, it is indeed very little and out of everything I saw that day, it would be the one thing to forget. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what the fuss is about. We also went through Christianshavn, where the architecture was obviously inspired by Amsterdam. Kinda funny to see that.

After that, we went to Tivoli, a small and picturesque theme park. To be completely honest: we didn’t go in any of the roller coasters. We basically made a lot of pictures, took a stroll and then thankfully plopped down on a chair in the park. There we had some girl talk and enjoyed the sun shining on our beige winter skin.

That evening we had diner at Mash and I am going to take a full alinea to describe how AMAZING this food was. I ordered a chicken dish, which I almost always do, so consider me a chicken expert. Well, this chicken… accompanied by chili fries, tomato salad and béarnaise sauce -I’m sorry momma, I’m gonna hit you with the truth- was the best meal I ever had! It was tender, sweet, and OHH how delicious! Now, the funny part is that all 5 of us were surprised by how good the food was. Wendy, Farah, Mette, Alana, me. We all stared at each other with big, lusty eyes, just nodding and whispering “o my god, this is so good…” For once in my life I felt bad for being full and I wished that I could eat all night. We were almost scared to take a desert, but it was just as good. I had a Tiramisu, melting on my tongue, the right amount of everything. YUM! So no, I don’t get paid to talk all this love love bla di bla about Mash, I actually mean every single letter I wrote down, so if you ever go to Copenhagen (or London), visit Mash! Cause I tell you, I would go back just to eat over there.

The next day we (were still talking about the food and) went to Vero Moda headquarter where we had a one on one with their trendspecialist, a very inspiring well-traveled woman. She told us everything about the fall winter trends, but also gave us an insight in the trends for the upcoming 10 years. Maybe I will write a post about just that, cause it was so interesting!

That afternoon we went to Le Management, a modeling agency, where we sat down with their booking agent and Vero Moda’s art director to cast models for their lookbook. This was so much fun. I felt all Tyra and shhh. We had a chitchat with every single model, asked them about their modeling life, took polaroids of them and between castings discussed what we thought of the girls (all beautiful!). In the end we suggested whom we found fitting for the job and had the art director coming to her decision.

I had so much fun doing all this. When I got back I was totally exhausted, but it was great to be a part of this Vero Moda adventure. I will write a post about the other place we stayed in (Aarhus) in a few weeks. For now, I hope you liked this post.



Photos by me and the team

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