“I wish there was a Shazam for outfits, so I could easily know what people are wearing and purchase the same.” You know that quote? Well, your wish may just have come true. Cause I recently came across this app called Dejamoda which makes it easy to find similar budget items from what other people, for example celebs, are wearing. What?! Yes, let me tell you all about it!

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You must have noticed it: lately I am totally in to apps. And not only the ones to photoshop my instagram photos with, but also the ones that make shopping and writing blog articles easier. But never had I found an app that is so convenient for shopping.

I have been trying out Dejamoda for a few days now and it’s just the loveliest shopping app I currently have in my phone. Better yet, it’s not really an app since you can log in on the desktop of your phone or laptop. That’s something I can really appreciate since I find it handy to browse on my laptop sometimes. But to do it by phone is great for when I am on the go. Big plus for Dejamoda already!

Now what the app does: you can upload photos to find similar items and make a profile or you can scroll or search their database to find recent looks from celebrities. Like the look? With just one click on the items you will find 5 to 10 similar pieces within a wide price range, from budget to designer. And with the advanced search button you will get even more options and will even be able to look for the same item in other colors or find matching clothing pieces.

There is a trending page that will give you updates on what’s hot in fashion land right now. But being aware of my own style I love the fact that the app allows you to make a profile which will make it possible for others to find you and shop your style, whilst you yourself are able to create a “my taste” profile that will suggest items of your liking by brands, celebs you adore and items you’ve selected. Amazing right?

Dejamoda also has a new feature: you can now automatically discover your favorite look without having to search far. Download the Dejamoda extension for Chrome here. While you shop on, Zappos, Amazon and Yoox, Dejamoda will automatically display similar items that may be less expensive available on that site and others. Imagine viewing several skinny jean options after searching for a single one. Search for a single item on any of those popular shopping sites and Dejamoda will automatically display similar options available online, highlighting those that are less expensive.

There is so much to discover on Dejamoda, but I’m gonna leave the rest up to you, cause this is really worth a recommendation! No longer do we need to spy on “get the look” pages in magazines: in this database you can find everything you need and like. Like I said, it’s like the Shazam for clothing.

Who will I see on Dejamoda? – btw, don’t we love the name of this app?!



More information about Dejamoda here
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