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Denim patchwork! I can’t remember when I wore this for the last time, but I totally agree with it being all back again. “Denim days” and “We love denim” campaigns have been ruling the past few months. But trends evolve and come back in different ways and appearances. The denim on denim trend may seem old news, but when it’s actually patched and stitched together, denim reaches yet another stadium of the new cool.

I will just be honest and tell you that I hardly wear denim tops and blouses since they just don’t seem to suit me. It’s weird how it just doesn’t look good on me. I think that it is too plain, too cotton-ish, too simplistic and just not me haha… I love it on other people, though. And I did however find a very cool denim dress, which will be shown on my blog anytime soon. This one also has a little patch detail, which I think is very cool. So stay tuned for that one

Now do we need to look like a cowgirl wearing this patchwork stuff? Nahh, I don’t think so. With just the right accessories and a good amount of sass, one will look like a sophisticated girl next door more than a wanderer of Texas.

The fun part about this trend is that it will most probably incite the creative ones to sew their jeans together and come up with DIY ideas that will inspire all of us to make a unique contribution to this patchwork trend. So how about you? Do you see yourself wearing all kinds of dark, light, washed and acid denim pieces? Curious about your thoughts!



Designers: Burberry Prorsum, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger
Photo via Vogue, Paris

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