Wavy season

Wearing: Wavy Season top (find here), Choies skirt (find here), River Island heels, La Moda UK bag, Isles Jewelry necklace (find here)

Wavy season? Sometimes means a HOT season!
The day I shot this outfit, I almost swam out of this cool
new T-shirt of mine. Me and my friend were shooting right underneath
the ever bright shining sun. We were both exhausted after only 10 minutes of shooting.
Sighing and complaining about sweaty backs and tired eyes, however, I wanted
this outfit to be captured properly. The reason is simple.
I just wanted the photos of it to look as good as it was in real life.
Not bragging about my own styling, but I really love how this outfit is
so basic, and doesn’t feature a high waist, yet is totally representing me and my style.
Last year I refused to buy a skort, for it was so popular. I guess I wanted to avoid the mainstream.
But ok. One year later, I still fell for it.
I matched it with a T-shirt of Wavy Season, a young and upcoming brand by
a friend of mine. With three designs in their shop, up to now, this is my favorite,
wearable for both boys and girls. I like!
Let me know what you think.

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