#ProjectCool: Photoshoot with my design

Photos via Tess & Dunja

Yesterday me and the other bloggers, who have been designing a T-shirt for
coolcat, were invited to Coolcat HQ for the revealing of our designs and a photoshoot.
We were welcomed with lovely sweets and drinks and after a quick
update, we were shown the samples of our final designs.
It was a very exciting moment, cause I had been so curious for
weeks and I had never experienced this before so I could not imagine
what it would be like to see the result.
Well, I couldn’t have been more happy. I’m not going to say that
it was exactly what I had expected it to look like, cause it was even better,
cooler and more beautiful than what I had expected it to be.
It’s like completing a puzzle, putting the icing on the cake. BOMB!
Oh and also, it fitted like a glove (I’m not exaggerating!).
There was a rack full of Coolcat clothes of which we could pick jeans or
skirts to wear with our design. I found shorts that looked very good
with my design and also matched my style.
Then, we had a photoshoot. Each separately, and together.
The result of the photoshoot will be published by Coolcat next week, when I am
on a vacation. But soon after that, I will post them
myself, along with the video I made yesterday during the meeting.
Hope photos above give you an idea of what this day was like, and of course,
you already get a peek of my sketch! Stay tuned for
my T-shirt design in persona, on persona ;-).

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