Daily Paper

Wearing: Daily Paper top (find here), Choies oversized shorts, H&M platform trainers, Primark maxi cardigan, Shop Affaire bracelet (find here)

It’s so funny sometimes to see how small this world of ours is.
Even in the fashion scene, which seems to be an even smaller world, I
run into people from the past sometimes. So, there’s this group
of young fellas who set up their popular menswear clothing line called “Daily Paper”.
I know one of these guys from way back: we used to go to school in the same town, Heerhugowaard (this
may even be hard to pronounce for Dutch people, don’t worry).
Assuming we both got the same interest – telling this small world who we
are through fashion – why not collaborate?
In this outfit post, I am wearing Daily Paper’s first women
crop top. It’s a simple black and white version, with just the
right amount of coolness and the perfect fit.
I chose to match it with my oversized shorts and a maxi cardigan
to create an overall laid-back look.
My friend, and photographer of most of my looks, Mo, said it
would be perfect to complete this look with a leg bracelet and so we
wrapped my necklace around my leg, attaching it to my belt.
Something else, huh?!
Let me know what you think!

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