Off to Marrakech

Wearing: Primark T-shirt dress, Vila denim vest, Van Haren shoes (find here), Bohemian Grunge bag

Whoooop whooooopppp. Today me and my boyfriend are flying off to Marrakech.
I’ve been wanting to go there for such a long time. It’s finally
happening! It’s between 28 and 33 degrees out there, so
I had to sort out some of my shortest shorts. At the same time, it’s
Marokko and I might wanna visit some temples or mosques, so
I need long sleeves and trousers as well.
One thing I’m sure about, is that I am taking these new Van Haren trainers
with me. How I fell in love with them!
Black, leopard and leather. Delicious combination, ain’t it?
I think they will fit any of my summer outfits and I bet
I will still wear them during the winter, but that’s a whole different story!
In this post you see me wearing a comfortable travel look.
I’m so ready for take off!
July, 28th I will be back with a new post.
Bye byeee!

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