What else is there to say about this look? This is known as fashion these days: off shoulder, ruffles, volume sleeves, a good old cat eye, flashy shoes, the corset belt. This outfit has it all…

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Guys I know I have been lacking some blog posts again, but I truly hope that outfits like this one make up for the low frequency of posts. I really wonder how you guys look at the situation. I recall writing a blog tips post and several “sorry” posts about blogs being less and less active due to social media but I don’t want to write another monologue again.

Instead, I would like to hear your thoughts about blogging. What do you guys expect from it? Do you think blogs will last? Do you still write your blog as much as you used to? Or do you think something like instagram or vlogs will eventually take over? And how about being the spectator. Do you still read many blogs?

Sometimes I think it’s a pity, cause I really loved blogs.. I loved the pictures others took. It was all so inspiring. Seeing their lay out and pictures was like stepping into someone’s room, always the room of someone interesting (cause hey, bloggers are interesting people) and seeing what they have and how they style it. So lovely. With instagram this has all become a lot faster and maybe less interesting… I think, I don’t know. Apparently I am still in doubt about all this. Curious to hear your thoughts!

Also curious to hear your thoughts on this outfit…



Wearing: Zara dress / Zara belt / Public Desire shoes

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