Instagram famous, christmas vibes, iconic hotspots? London is the place to be during this time of the year. I visited London last month and am happy to take you through the ultimate highlights of the moment. Here is a (way too short) list of hotspots you cannot miss when visiting London during this time of the year.

I wrote an article on why one should visit London during spring & summer with shopping, soho and all kinds of outdoor festivals being the main reasons. But if you’ve visited London during the winter you may agree that this is the perfect time for a city trip to this amazing metropolitan. From Amsterdam, it’s very cheap and easy (pun intended) to book a trip to London with Easyjet and within an hour the fun can begin. These are the typical and non-typical places one should definitely visit:

When you think of London, you may immediately see red buses crossing your mind and you’ll probably have an image of a red telephone cell right there too. Oxford street may be one of your first stops, but just one block away you will find Carnaby which is way cuter and not just typically London, but typically English. Think of small pubs, beautiful boutiques and colorful restaurants. This time of the year Carnaby is very well decorated. If that doesn’t get you in the christmas spirit.

Covent Garden
A place to shop, meet and have lunch under one roof: Covent Garden it is. Stroll alongside the designer shops and the petit fours of restaurants to find your way to the great christmas tree or any of the other wonderfully built christmas stellations. I promise, you won’t be bored.

London Eye
Around this time of year it’s worth paying a visit to London Eye, not just because of the incredible view, but moreover because of the christmas market that is held just besides it. Did someone say waffles?

Besides neighborhoods and attractions, you can not miss the following restaurants & cafes:

Peggy’s Porschen – Not just a cake cafe, but probably the most instagram famous one of London with over 320.000 followers and hundreds of tags weekly. This pink hotspot on the corner of a cute English street is not just a lovely place to take photos, their cakes and coffee art are to die for!

Sketch – Also pink, and only bookable half a year in advance this is an a bit more high end restaurant, perfect for high teas and cozy dinners. You might also wanna have a look at their toilet, it’s like another dimension!

The Breakfast Club – Fancy a cocktail? This bar is the place to be when in Shoreditch. Tell them you’re coming to visit “the mayor of scary cat town” and their smeg fridge will open a door to a secret bar in the basement. Uhuh, not your average ‘breakfast club’, is it?

Coppa Club – Imagine a place where you can be served as in a normal restaurant, but at the same time you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy dinner in the privacy of just your company… Copper Club ‘Sonning-on-Thames’ and ‘Towerbridge’ will provide you with the cutest ‘Paradise Pods’. An iglo has never been this warm & comfortable. Besides, the view is amazing.

I am personally thinking of visiting London pre-christmas every year just to get in the mood. What do you think of London? Fancy a visit? And which of these places would you not wanna miss?

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