If you know me and my style, you may think of me as the feminine type wearing dresses and skirts, or jeans for that matter, with boots and heels. I mean, with the name of my blog this doesn’t come as a surprise right? Of course I have occasionally been wearing sneakers, but mostly the cheaper and trendy ones, for example with a platform or trainers in some kind of cute leopard print. I never really wanted to spend on the better sneaker brands, like Nike or Adidas, cause I have always been afraid that it would somehow take away the elegance of my looks… That’s why this post may come as a surprise, cause confession, confession: I think I have turned…

My shoe collection has made quite the transformation over the years. When I was 6 or 7 I first chose my own shoes and merely fell in love with them because they had lights in it that would light up when I walked them. When I think back to these flashy sneakers I can still smell the new leather and feel the joy of walking in them. I was the shit, I was so sure of it. Under the influence of my brother I had a whole lot of sneakers, from Fila to Reebok and from Puma to Diesel.

Then, as I turned older I took a step back from sneakers and decided I loved boots better. From my 21st to my 23rd I even had a period in which I thought that I only wanted to wear heels for the rest of my life, cause “what’s the use in wearing boring shoes !?” Luckily, I came to my senses soon as I realized that I was only doing myself a lot of harm by that statement and began wearing flats again. So… here we are in 2018, mainly wearing flats, usually boots and practically married to my Dr Martens.

However, I am the backpacker type, the active type, the sporty type and over the past few years I realized that it was crazy that I had never really bought myself a good sneaker. On Instagram I had seen many nice ones, but to be really honest I felt like I would not be able to get away with it. I mean, what to wear with sneakers?! It just wasn’t my style. Also… where to look for a nice pair of sneakers? In complete panic I finally found sportshowroom.nl, a handy search engine where one can find all kinds of cool sportswear, search per sneaker type or brand and find the item of choice for the best price.

Eventually this brought me to buy The Nike Air Max 95 in a creamy white with soft pink lining. I must say… It was a far step out of my comfort zone, but what a good one! As soon as I had them on I was sooo surprised about how soft they were. I bet that some of you are laughing at me right now and I totally understand, but truly… How could shoes ever be this comfortable? I put on my cut off jeans and even found that it looked very stylish.

I look forward to wearing these shoes on a very regular basis and I am sure that they will also come in handy on some of my next trips. I am again in love with sneakers and from now on I will be walking on air where ever I go!

Are you a real sneaker fan? And what do you think of these?




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