Going to London and fancy a bubbly stay in a cute and cosy hotel not too far from the city center? Moxy London Stratford might be your place to be! I was there in November, the perfect timing for a trip to London and I had an absolute blast. In this review I will tell you all about it…

I visit London quite often. Unlike most other vacations, I think that London never gets old. There are so many sights to it and if you also consider shopping during new collections and sales, then London 4 times a year is actually not much. So here I was in London again, this time especially to photograph some new christmas content together with my friend Meau. I had not really expected it, but our hotel also seemed to provide quite the environment for a lovely shoot. I bet you also got curious about how I rate their general services. So let’s go…


Location: 7,5
The Moxy we stayed at is situated in Stratford, which is about 30 minutes from the heart of London. The neighborhood is pleasant and in just a one minute walk one can find the big Westfield mall where all kinds of lovely shops and restaurants can be found. Therefore this would be the perfect base for those who would like a some peace and quiet but at the same time don’t want to travel to find food, drinks & “life” in general. Although Moxy is not located in the city center, it’s right next to the subway & bus station so any other London hotspot can be reached by public transport very easily.

Room: 8
Our room was not a standard one, it was a bit more spacious and that was perfect, especially since we had so much luggage. The bedroom also was very spacious and I loved the fact that we had a balcony. There’s a huge TV in the room which shows all Moxy info and of course has the necessary channels. More importantly, the bed: this was perfect. I slept very well and I am still a little suspicious about what it is that hotels do to make beds so comfortable…

Food & Drinks: 8,5
Our breakfast was included and I am really a breakkie lover so for me, I have high expectations of buffets. All of these were met! I also like the fact that Moxy has a sort of bar where one can also order something special against an extra fare… for those who’d like M&M’s with their breakfast or for those who’d later in the day like to lunch or have dinner in the restaurant area.

Service: 8,5
Everyone at the Moxy was super sweet and I could tell that they had fun with their team. The service at the bar was good and everything we needed was there for us or being handled right away.

Recommendation Rate: 8,5
Moxy is a super fun place to stay with nice staff, in a nice location. One other thing I really love about Moxy is that it clearly has it’s own identity. All interior in the hotel is colorful and playful and it therefor has a young, fresh and somehow sassy vibe. I love how we had a disco ball in our room (something that keeps coming back in their imagery as well). I am sure that I will be going back to the Moxy some day soon, and I would definitely recommend going there.



Moxy London Stratford
86, Great Eastern Rd,
London E15 1GR
United Kingdom

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