Shine on, sun

Mostwanted bomber jacket (find here), Asos crop top & jeans, Van Haren cut out boots (find here), Primark sunnies

The past few days were kind of like a surprise to me. It was
actually sunny here, in Holland, while I thought that snow
and storm were just around the corner. I really cannot get a hold
of the weather anymore. I wonder what it’s like in other countries
So, to prove that I am ready for the summer I put on
a crop top, cut out boots and my sunnies.
I found these boots at Van Haren, and what I love
most about it is that, in contrast to most cut out boots, this one
doesn’t have a chunky sole and thus looks more
feminine and chique. I’m just very happy to welcome these
cuties to my collection of black boots.
What do you think?

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