Beginning of November. It’s cold outside and I have to admit, I don’t even wanna go out. Better yet, I am not allowed to go out if it’s not for a good reason. And well, there are no reasons to go out anyway since everything is closed. Somehow, I am not sure whether this semi lockdown makes me feel deliberated or imprisoned. So here I go again, ordering another round of loungewear online for another round of staying at home. Ready or not, here I stay. I am hiding…

In the past year the jogging pants have gained new respect from my side. I always used to see them as either lazy or sporty. I would wear them to the gym or when I’d go dancing, and maybe occasionally at home. But never, would I wear them on a regular basis, let alone if friends would come by. Nowadays, however, I am inseparable from my jogging pants and loungewear in general.

In the Netherlands all restaurants and bars are closed until further notice. Probably, this will be for at least a month. Let’s be real, half of the restaurants and bars may not even make it that far. It’s really sad, mostly for the owners of the cafes & restaurants. And of course, for the visitors too. I really miss being able to go for dinner with friends. Even more so, I miss seeing my friends at all.

There’s a few people that I’d call my inner circle. These are the people that I am seeing every now and then. These are the people that I invite over for a coffee or dinner at my place. And these are the people that see me in my sweatpants and loungewear.

But, is it that bad? Not at all! I have found that there’s beautiful loungewear out there. Complete sets are my favorite and I love when they come in colors that are not so regular. Teal, for example! With or without a print, as long as they are comfortable and seem like an outfit that I could even wear to the supermarket, I am game!

Ok ok… On a good day I would still choose trousers with a Tee over joggers, but jeans? Not unless I have too… Let alone dresses or skirts. Although I must say I cannot wait to wear my good old corset dresses to the club or my bodysuits to a festival. When that will be? No one knows… so until then, I will just enjoy this round of staying at home and make the most of it. How about you?

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