This weekend I am partying at a festival, but if I wasn’t I would have totally gone to the park for a picknick or barbecue! Tought it would be fun to make a lookbook of what to wear to a picknick. What do you think?

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So what to wear? Here are my ultimate three tips when it comes to an outfit for a picknick:

1. Flats or wedges
Whenever I go to a picknick I would wear flats or wedges. I think that heels are unnecessary, unless it’s like a high end party picknick or something. So keep it simple!

2. Bring extra cover ups
I don’t know about yours, but my picknicks always tend to go on forever. Starting around 4 and staying there with a barbecue, until suddenly the sun goes down and it gets chilly. So bring a cardigan, a cape or a light jacket.

3. Fun, fun, fun
Sun’s out! Let’s have fun. This is the time to wear a goofy print, a bright color or fun accessory. Show ‘em what you got!




Let me know what you think of my tips and of course, the outfits!



More details about what I wear in the description box here

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