Boyfriend material | Leather look

Forget what I’ve written before, and neglect anything I’ll ever write after this.
LEATHER IS GODDAMN SEXY ON MEN. Yes! You cannot go wrong with leather, in particular black leather.
Whether it’s a jacket, pants, or a top. Boys, I LOVE YOU in leather! That’s a lot of capitals, I know,
but just imagine me screaming, cause I really mean it!
Now, I desperately hope that you understand that just a leather jacket is not all that. You really deserve some
bonus points if you wear a leather top, sweater, pants or some kind of sleek leather sneakers.
And you know what, I’m not even going to tell you anything else about this, cause I think photos speak for themselves.

DO: try tops that feature mixed fabrics, so leather with cotton or better yet, mesh.
DO: match your leather top to a leather bag or anything
like that. Matching leather items is cool, yo!
DON’T: mix different colored leather items, unless
you really really really know what you’re doing!

Now, win my heart!

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