New from Egypt

In these photos: Rings and jewelry box from Egypt
Ofcourse I couldn’t leave Egypt without souvenirs.
So when me and my mom were in the jewelry store,
I had myself a mission: buy myself a silver ring.
It was kinda easy to choose.
The exquisite silver ring in the first photo
caught my eye right away.
Green isn’t really my colour,
but the jeweler convinced me that this ring was quite special
and explained he wouldn’t be able to make the stone in another colour,
since this stone had 12 quadrants (or whatever).
I totally bought his story, and thus the ring.
Now, I’m the type of girl that gets one thing and then wants
more of it. So yes, I bought myself another one.
Along with these silver sweets, I bought myself a jewelry box;
gold and set with Egyptian signs.

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