The higher the heels…

Wearing: Pull&Bear Skirt, Monki Top, Deezee shoes, Vintage Bag, New Look Ring, Zipper earrings
The higher the heels,
the closer to heaven.
The higher the heels,
the more attention from the boys.
However I must say, that either wearing
high heels or flipflops,
in Egypt I got more attention than (where)EVER.
Don’t want to brag about it, but
it was just SHOCKING!
And believe me, I am used to compliments…
It may have been the idea that I am Arabic
(which I am not).
Or maybe it was the fact that these men hadn’t seen their wives in months.
Whatever it was… although compliments and attention
are flattering at times,
I wouldn’t really miss the overload of attention I got in Egypt.
What I will miss about Egypt however,
is the sun.
How I want to wear skirts and shorts again…

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