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I confess, again…

Wearing: River Island Jeans, Vintage Fur Coat, Pieces Scarf, Primark Belt, UGG Australia Shoes via Bijenkorf, DOM Bag

A confession again.
The second post on confessions this month.
But I couldn’t describe this any other way…
Not that you hadn’t noticed from the photos already.
Ofcourse these boots catch your eye right away.
And I will be honest…
They do not only catch eyes because they are beautiful,
they also catch eyes because they are HUGE.
Don’t you think?
So… Is it fashionable?
I must admit that the answer would be no if you ask me.
But I had to have them this winter, since I was expecting some cold fronts.
How I was wrong about that; it has nearly frozen.
But these boots are lovely anyway.
They are like best friends: warm and welcoming.

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