Magazine features

Hi guys,
The end of the school year is coming near, whilst the sun is happily shining
and I can feel summer’s in town. A new beginning is waiting just around the corner.
No school, new season, and maybe even a new job?
Whatever happens, I will have some more time for my blog during the
summer and I just cannot wait!
So I thought it was fun to now make an evaluation of the past few months.
I’ve been very busy with lovely projects and I barely missed an event.
Also, I’ve had the chance to explore my style a bit more, being inspired
by other fashionista’s and bloggers.
I’ve been featured in a lot of magazines, and I’d like
to share this with you guys, for all of this wouldn’t have happend
if you weren’t there. So thank you so much!
I hope you like these magazine features.
Curious about your thoughts, hihi.

More press news can be found on my press page here.

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