Boyfriend material | Bag me up

Q. Can a man wear handbags and clutches?
A. Ofcourse he can.
Q. Isn’t that just for gays?
A. Isn’t that just a stupid question?
Really though, remember that guys felt too good to wear pink? It’s kind of the
same illusional blockade to refuse to wear handbags.
I know that most guys wear bagpacks when going to shool or when travelling,
but for a stroll down the city you put your purse in your girlfriend’s bag.
No need to, honey. There are loads of fashionable handbags for men as well.
And even though you don’t take fragrance, hand cream, hair bands, comb, aspirin, mirror, note book,
tampons, lip stick, mascara, blush, and tissues with you, a hand bag can come
in very handy and above all complete your look.

DO: spend on a bag or clutch like this. Unlike us, you guys don’t want to have a matching bag
for every outfit (which is okay, sigh) so you want one to be durable and timeless.
DO: choose a leather bag. Enough of the usual nylon and polyester. Synthetic is pathetic. Plastic is for pussies.
DON’T: be afraid to go for something else than black. Ochre and
burgundy are lovely alternatives that will match your outfits easily.

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