#ProjectCool | The brainstorm session

Photos via Dunja & Tess.

Dear readers, buckle up, cause I have some very very exciting news
to share with you today…
After years of hard working on my blog, I had the chance
to do something so special, something that’s been on top of my bucket list for a while,
and it’s really a blogger’s biggest dream:
I’ve designed a T-shirt! Together with 6 other bloggers (Larissa & Tara of Kittehs Cupcakes,
Sharon of Style Chameleon, Rowan of Red Reiding Hood, Iraida of Diva Iraida and Lara of Lara Rose)
we were chosen to each design our own tee for the cool & fresh brand Coolcat.
When I first heard the news, I was wowed and thrilled. I had once printed a text on a
T-shirt (“what the vogue”), but now I actually had the chance to really make
a tee design of my own, with the expertise and help of a cool and fresh brand. The stress
came when I started drawing, cause I really wanted to make something special; something that I, but
also my readers and other fashionista’s would like. During a brainstorm session
at Coolcat HQ we were able to discuss our ideas and the fabrics. And in the end, I am very happy with
my design and I can’t wait to see it in real life. Also, I still can’t believe that my design will be
hanging in stores throughout Holland in a few weeks. But this is happening…
For now, I’ll have to keep my design a secret for a few more weeks. So stay tuned!

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