Two thousand and sixteen it is, and I am still into the whites. Hence this inspiration board in which white is dominating. Just a touch of black or light pink is enough the make the difference and make a white environment complete. Don’t you think?







Sometimes I find it hard to tell where my inspiration comes from. Is it even my inspiration? Cause I’ve been inspired by someone or something that was inspired by something else and so on and so on… But I just love to surround myself with things that inspire me. People, homes, offices, social media. I live for it!

And it’s funny to see how I always seem to create a moodboard that is dreamy but at the same time strong. And that’s why I love tumblr so much, cause there I find wonderful photos like these. It’s like a romance with no end.

“Without white,
how would we ever see light?”

I wonder, will I ever get enough of fashion? Sometimes I don’t feel like making pictures, writing blog articles or updating my social media accounts. But will I ever stop looking for the thrill that I find in photos, beauty, fashion, quotes? I don’t know, but I hope not, cause it really makes me feel good.

How about you?



Photos via Tumblr
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