It’s teaaaa time again! In one of my previous posts I told you about what I like to do on Sundays and how I normally spend them having me-time or tea-time with friends. In this post I am gonna act just as if you (yeah you!) and me are having tea time and I will share with you seven secrets! Why? Because I recently found the delicious Seven Secrets tea at Cupkes and what better way to fill in this post than with 7 secrets about me, myself and I? Furthermore I am giving you the secret to making home made cakes in only 60 seconds. So go ahead, read on!

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I wanted to write an intro about the seven secrets I am about to share with you, but realized that the intro was already a secret:

1. I am very secretive
Although I don’t really have anything to hide, I am very private. And although people say I am an open person, I am very secretive. I don’t usually share my feelings and thoughts with just anyone. I choose my friends carefully and seem to have them lined up (in mind) in order of what I can and cannot tell them. With some I share my deepest feelings, whilst with others I am more careful of what I am saying. Writing this down will be hard for me, cause what do I and what do I not want to share? Ahhh life of a blogger! Haha…

2. I am a huge addict
Not to worry! I am only addicted to popcorn… and chocolate at times. Easy one, right?

3. I’m never bored
I cannot remember when I last felt bored. People bore me sometimes but I am never bored as in I have nothing to do… Maybe it’s because I am a blogger, but I also remember that being a teenager or a little girl I was always fine on my own. I live in this tiny apartment and well, I never feel lonely either. It’s not that I do not like people, I love to be surrounded by loved ones. But I am totally fine on my own and I love being alone some times. Maybe it’s because…

4. I talk to myself
Yes, I do. And I do not really feel ashamed. In fact, I think it’s funny. My mom does it too, even when I am around sometimes. It’s cute. Oh, and I even go that far that I make jokes to myself and then laugh at my own jokes. God damn, I must be narcissistic or something?!

5. I used to dislike my feet
Although I think my feet and toes aren’t unpretty (for as far as feet can be pretty I consider mine okay), I didn’t like how small they were. An even bigger secret – or at least something I could be ashamed of – is to tell you that when I was at the age of 6 or 7 I started eating more in the hope of getting thicker ankles and feet. Hilarious, right?

6. I smoked at the age of 7
Right now you must be thinking “this girl was crazy when she was 7”. You are wrong, I still am crazy, but luckily I came to my senses… The reason I smoked back then was because my mom smoked and me and my brother were the rebellious kinda kids that stole her cigarettes and went smoking in the forest where no one could see. I think we did this for about a month or so. I remember that I really felt the urge to smoke when my brother kept saying that we should stop. Glad that I was too much of a pussy to do it all by myself.

7. I’m a complete mess in the kitchen
It’s not like I cannot cook or bake anything, but let’s say that if you and me were in a kitchen, it would be best if you did everything. I am scared of knives, I don’t work with timers (since hey, I cook by feel) and I have never had the energy nor the patience to read a cook book, so I know zero but the things that my momma and (ex)boyfriends taught me. Funny fact: all of the three boyfriends I had could cook very well and either taught me stuff or kicked me out of the kitch saying “Let me handle this…”

So how happy am I to tell you about my new recipe… Yes! The bonus secret I am sharing with you guys today is all about how to create a cake within 60 seconds. And… it’s easy! On Cupkes I found this cake powder that comes in two flavors: Speculaas cake (which is known in The Netherlands as a lovely cookie flavor) and Muddy cake, which is slightly sweeter than the other.

“If you cannot bake,
you can still make this cake!”

The instructions are simple: Fill about half of a mug with the powder, then add 5 spoons of water, place it in the microwave for 60-70 seconds (max 90 if you have a big cup) and just wait until your minute made cake is ready. Fressssh, easy and oh so good. I have tried both of these flavors and I am a huge fan. Also because I would never be able to bake a normal cake since – may I remind you of secret no7 – I am a complete mess in the kitchen. But note however! That I never eat microwave meals. This, my darlings, is a real recommendation!



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