The sweetest sundays


Tea time, my darlings! And with tea comes bonding… So go get your favorite mug, fill it with your favorite tea and read on, while I will tell you about my favorite way to spend the sunday.




To me, the sweetest sundays are the sundays on which I have nothing to do. And with nothing I actually mean no thing. Sundays on which I have nothing to do are rare, since I tend to procrastinate tasks which then seem to pile up at the end of the week. So when I am actually free, I want to treat myself with my guilty pleasures, do stuff I like and simply have some me-time or a get together with loved ones.

A good sunday starts with checking my laptop, browsing through blogs and lookbook to see what my blog and vlog colleagues are doing. This gives me a lot of inspiration and also keeps me up to date of what’s happening in the fashion scene. It may sound like work, but for me it’s really relaxing. I lunch with tea, yoghurt and fruit and then have some real me-time by watching series, reading a book or browse through a magazine. Some days I like to go out: go to my friends or family and have some we-tea-time. Yes, again there’s tea involved. Hence, these lovely pictures. It’s not that I am a tea snob, but after hot chocolate, it’s my favorite warm drink. Especially mint tea, vanilla tea and rooibos tea are my favs.

Photos in this post are made by me and show you a lovely tea ritual, which I would repeat weekly, if only for the sweet ballerina tea set I got at I have always loved dancing and still regret that I never took any ballet lessons, but even though I am not a ballerina I think that these cups and mugs are just so cute. The mugs feature ballet shoes, while on the tea cups it’s showing swans (think: swan lake). I also have some plates which I will show you in an instagram post any time soon. This set really makes my sunday sweeter.

Let me know what your favorite sunday looks like! And what do you think of this personal, lifestyle post? More or mehhh?

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