“I don’t stalk, I baewatch”… I read that quote somewhere on instagram a few weeks ago and instantly started laughing. When I found this bathing suit I could only do one thing: find a beach, run in a semi-sexy way and just make some tacky pictures. Have I ever mocked myself like this before? I guess not, so go ahead and laugh!






I’m just gonna be really honest with you guys. I am not – n o t – as comfortable showing these pics as it may seem… In my whole life I haven’t been this “big”. Ok… I take that back, but you know… there’s some training to do before I really hit the beach. And this type of bathing suit is something Pamela Anderson used to rock back in the days. I mean, hello!? So I had to think twice about whether or not to post the first picture. But in the end, I was like: why not?!… Making fun of yourself in a good way is never out of style. Right?

While shooting, I first had some shorts on and also wanted to try this look with a bomber jacket and boots. But both me and my friend agreed that the shorts had to be ditched. If I were to show off this red number, I had to go all the way! This however, doesn’t suggest that this bathing suit cannot serve as a body. Cause in fact that would be very cool. Tight jeans, leather jacket and sunnies and you look smokin’.

I am wearing this body in collaboration with Batoko, which is also the brand of my “I’m so fancy” sweater (see here). I just think it’s hilarious how they come up with so many fun shirts, tops and sweaters. From fierce quotes to unicorn prints, it’s all there!

Let me know what you think of the suit. And if you wouldn’t wear it to the beach, how would you style it?


Wearing: Batoko bathing suit / Zara earrings / Random rings

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