Who else is ready to go on a vacation? Somehow everything seems to remind me of summer, except the current weather in The Netherlands. But these pictures definitely get me in the mood for the summertime. Let me tell you about my plans…

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Okay plans sound like I know what I am about to do, but somehow I have nooo idea! I currently have 4 press trips pending to be confirmed and it kinda breaks me since I cannot plan anything on those dates whilst at the same time I am not eve sure whether or not it will actually happen. I know, first world problems.

Of course I will be updating you guys as soon as I know more. Also make sure you keep checking my instagram account (@larissabruin) for more info on my doings!

Right now I am very busy so this will be a short blog article; instead I am leaving you with pictures cause they basically say it all!



Photos via tumblr
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