I don’t know what it is about the combination of long sleeves and shorts; I kinda like it. I’ve always liked it. However, it isn’t always convenient. Cause obviously, it must be hot outside for me to wear shorts and that doesn’t work with long sleeves. In the evening this combo works a lot better and it’s also very sophisticated. What’s the way to go? I am telling you in this “how to wear shorts and look sophisticated part 1” post. Cause yes, another part is coming up soon!

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Ok. So first of all. This post is all about the concept of looking sophisticated when wearing shorts. I am not saying that this is such a hard thing, but sometimes I feel like shorts can instantly bring up the “cool beach girl” vibe. At least, my type of shorts (booty shorts to say the least) do.

The shorts that I am wearing in this outfit are cut off shorts and believe me, they are SHORT. It takes a lot of confidence to wear these shorts without wanting to wear something over the back.

But there are different ways to dress up shorts like these. One of them being very easy: wear it with a decent blouse. What I love about this is the contrast. You are being both elegant and tough in just one look. Something I always try to accomplish haha.

When it comes to creating a sophisticated look with shorts 3 things are important to keep in mind:
1. fabrics: try combining denim to silk or leather to satin for contrast. These fabrics can really compliment each other.
2. color: all black will have you looking way tougher than old pink does. Depending on how smart you want to look color can make the difference.
3. details: ruches and frills, like the ones on my blouse, can also be of help in creating an overall more feminine look.

But most important of course, is that you wear it with flare and add the right accessories and shoes. I went for golden details in both my bag and heels, which is super chic whilst the double buckle belt gives it all an edgy twist.

What do you think of this look?




Wearing: Lipsy top / Vintage (similar) shorts / Asos belt / Public Desire boots / La Bante bag

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