Is it summer yet? Cause this girl here is craaaaving for summer. And watching these inspiring pics I can only hope but finding a sunny place soon.

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Still, I cannot complain though. Cause I only recently came back from my trip to Sevilla (which by the way was simply amazzzzing!) and I am leaving for China and Japan in a few weeks. AGGHH so excited. I really cannot wait.

However, backpacking trips and press trips never really feel like a vacation cause I always feel like I have to do so much: be alert, take pictures. It’s a constant feeling of being excited and sharp. What I would really love one of these days is a vacation in which I can lay on a beach for a day and do one of the things I haven’t been doing in a long while: read a book!

But for now, I will just work, work, work, work (Rihanna voice). And with the beautiful job of creating content, making beautiful things and inspiring others, that’s pretty nice too.

What are your plans for the summer? Work hard or play hard? Or maybe both?



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