You either have them or you need them: brogues. They’s really changed my life. When I don’t know whether to wear casual sneakers or decent heels, but I want to go flat: they are the ideal outcome. But how to style them properly? I have created three looks just to give you an idea.


And with three looks, come three tips:

1. Play with contrasts
Since these shoes are already a little more decent than a sneaker, I would suggest to not only think of it as decent. You can dress up or dress down any look with these shoes. For example, they would make a dress look more easygoing whereas they’d make ripped jeans look a little more dressy.

2. Add a pop of color
If you think that the black ones are too boring, be ware that brogues like these also come in other colors, a denim look or metallic. This, more than any other, can make an outfit more extraordinary.

3. Roll it up
A simple detail to let shoes like brogues come to their right, is to roll up your trousers. This makes your outfit a little more laid-back and it’s an easy way to draw attention to your feet.

Let me know how you would wear brogues!



Look 1: Primark (similar) pants / H&M top / O’Moda (similar) brogues / Pepe Jeans (similar) denim jacket / Rebecca Minkoff bag / H&M (similar) bandana

Look 2: H&M (similar) shirt dress / Loavies (similar) hat / O’Moda (similar) brogues / Moschino bag

Look 3: It’s a Love Story top / Missguided ripped jeans / Pepe Jeans (similar) leather jacket / O’Moda (similar) brogues

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