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Oh hey mental breakdown! Have I ever been this busy? I guess not… So whaaat to do? Have a break of have a cake? I’ll go with the first option. But I must admit that being a blogger, and running a 24/7 business, doesn’t allow me to have a break until I have everything ready. So here I am prepping 4 posts in advance and doing everything on one day that I normally do in 4 days. The complaining doesn’t go on, read more…

However, this busy business is the reason why this post isn’t as nice and cohesive as it normally is (to me at least). Normally I have the time to carefully select pictures for this post, while today I just clicked, and clicked… not really sure if everything even fitted in one collage. So excuse me for that.

But… If tumblr was to be a resemblance of my mind, then this chaos is just the right thing to post, isn’t it? So what’s on my mind? Luxury, fashion, vacation, beauty, careless walks down the beach, more fashion, impressive moments, more fashion. Oh, and champagne. Please!

Hope I will be able to reset, and at the same time have all listed above in the next few days, because I will be flying off to Lisbon and Madrid tomorrow. I can’t wait, cause this my darlings, will be a very exciting trip. I’m going to do something very very fun, and so so so exciting. I wish I could tell you all about it, but not today…



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