Unicorns & Rainbows


There are a few people and things I would like to give a shout out to today. 1. The brands I am wearing. Just tell me how amazing this unicorn top is?! And the lilac bomber jacket? Get me started! 2. The place I shot these pictures at. Men, how cool is this urban spot? 3. My dear photographer. Amazing job catching me again…





This sweet happy cheery lovey dovey top of mine is actually a T-shirt, which I chose to knot into a crop top. I combined it to this super cool bomber, which I have completely fallen in love with. The color, the vintage oversize look. It’s so now. (Is that even an expression?) It’s so tomorrow… No, I guess it’s not really an expression, but we all know what I mean. This shit is hot. With just the right mom jeans and black & white contrast platforms I totally match my background in it’s funky tough way.

It’s funny how I used to take pictures in front of my house or in the neighborhood, just to keep it simple and simply because it was an okay place to shoot: stairs and a lot of stones. Nowadays, I barely take pictures overthere, cause frankly it got boring and my friend told me that different backgrounds would do my pictures good. Since I tried that out, I didn’t want anything else anymore. Amsterdam has beautiful backdrops and it’s kinda cool to seek for new places and explore the city for it.

This also gives me the opportunity to play with my outfits, poses and props a little more. And for my photographer it’s also way more challenging: finding the right lighting, looking for different angles. It’s fun and although routine can be handy, I would advise everyone to get out of the comfort zone of “okay places” and seek for new and innovative places to shoot your blog photos at. Not only will it give your feed a new impulse, it’s also very inspiring for yourself.



Wearing: House of Jam bomber jacket / Batoko top / Subdued jeans / Pink Soda shoes

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