A touch of tumblr

tumblr2jaIs it me or do these pictures make you believe that heaven exists too? I almost feel like a lesbian tripping over photos of these women in their amazing boudoirs. Oh, and the roses, the architecture, the pearls and stones… Even bed sheets can be beautiful!

If you visit my blog regularly you may be familiar with my “touch of tumblr” posts. These posts started with single photos of street fashion snaps that were made during fashion weeks. Then, I chose to make collages of photos that would all have to do with fashion or lifestyle. And the last tumblr post was about single outfit pictures again. But today I am trying out a collage again, which is simply a print screen of my current tumblr profile. Please visit it here, you will not be sorry.

When people ask me what I like about fashion, I barely know what to answer. “I just love it. It’s beautiful.” Ain’t it weird that something I am so passionate about, is yet something of which I can not explain why I love it? Really, I have tried several times. Words like “appreciation of aesthetics”, “interest in inspiring stuff”, “visually oriented” all come to my mind when I try to explain, but none of these cover my love for fashion. I just feel like when I show you my tumblr page, you should understand. I mean, I sometimes feel like pictures can be breathtaking. So imagine a page full of breathtaking photos. In this case, a page full of fashionable, breathtaking photos. If you still don’t understand why I love fashion, let’s talk about cars or soccer, for instance.

In short, I think that tumblr pages and photos or photo collages in general, give me the opportunity to escape to a world of fashionable fairytales for just a few precious seconds. And that, my darlings, is much appreciated by a dreamer like me!

What do you think? Please let me know if you have a tumblr account, so I can visit yours some time :-). Let’s escape together!


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