It’s that time of the month again at which I’ll show you guys my inspiration page. This month, again, the pink and blue shades cause I cannot get enough of those summer colors. Unlike other years August did not bring me in the mood for winter. Instead, I feel like I want to skip winter by fleeing to another country. Should I?

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I think I am lucky for the way I live my life these days. The summer has been very nice to me with loads of festivals and vacations in collaboration for my blog. I’m having the time while working and every day I realize more and more that I love what I do. Of course, it costs me a lot of time and energy, but it also gives me the best time and energy so the balance always brings me to a plus.

I have some more trips planned for September and I cannot wait to see what October has in stores for me, but I am trying to take everything day by day. So maybe I should not even think about the winter yet. Summer is still here and maybe we can await some sunny days here in Amsterdam as well.

But let’s not dwell on the idea of a holiday. Back to work: fashion! What do you guys think of these pictures? Lately I have been trying to look at my tumblr a bit more. After all it’s my inspiration board, so I should really take notes there right? And that’s what I’ve been doing; creating an instagram profile that gives me the same feeling as my tumblr account does. A feeling that can only be accomplished by the aesthetics of fashion combined to travel and life lust.

What do you guys think of today’s collage?



Photos via tumblr
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