This month’s love goes out to…

All shoes via Have2Have: Black with gold (here), White (here), Red (here), Camouflage (here)

I’ve fallen, head over heels (or should I say “head over platform”?); However, I totally love these shoes.
After the Isabel Marant sneaker wedge I think the sneaker platform is another
great way to wear sneakers with just a little more “swag” (I hate that word, but couldn’t find
one more suitable). It amazes me that the extra inches actually make me wanna
wear sneakers that would otherwise be too simple to my opinion.
A great thing about these shoes is that they are very comfortable and in contrast
to sneaker wedges don’t change the form of your feet while wearing them, so no pain, but still game!
Also lovely about these shoes is that they come in different colours, textures,
prints, heights and you could even make them yourself (great DIY video here).
Picture above shows a selection of my favourite platforms from have2have.
I’m already a huge fan. You can see me wearing platform
sneakers in one of my outfit posts right here.
What do you think of the flatforms?


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