Ecco “get winterproof” blogger event

It’s the middle of the night and I just got back from the Ecco “get winterproof” blogger event
where I had such a lovely time! Ecco had organized some great activities for us. Like, I had my
toes read! I didn’t even know it existed, but this woman could tell from my toes
that I had strong communication skills and that I was great at saying things diplomatic; I just
had to believe her. I also had the chance to DIY my own clutch and have my make up done
by professionals. Furthermore I was photographed with this model turned viking, just to
stay in the Scandinavian mood, for Ecco is a Scandinavian brand after all.
There was also the possibility to get a massage, but I chose to just relaxe at the
tea tasting and chit chat with fellow bloggers.
At the end winners were chosen for best pic with the viking, and funniest tweet of the evening.
Me and Farah were chosen as winners on the last one and we won a great Ecco saddle bag.
Along with the goodiebag and the DIY bag, I thus carried home some great new stuff.
Hope these pictures give you an impression of my evening.
More photos can be found on instagram: @larissabruin and #eccogetwinterproof.
See you there?


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