Off to London

Wearing: Chicnova shorts (buy it here), Asos crop top, H&M blouse (old), Primark bag & heels,
ZeroUV sunnies (buy it here)

Dear darlings, I am off to London for a few days. After working the whole
summer & being busy with my blog day in day out, it was about time for me
to book a mini trip. I really need a break from my daily life and what better way to do
so than to just go abroad. I will be visiting my aunt, maybe check out some fashionable events
and ofcourse I will do some shopping. It’s gonna be fun!
But don’t worry I will upload some outfit posts while I’m there (still kept
some for you in my archive). And I hope I will be able to update you about my trip
by instagram. Make sure you follow me @larissabruin !
About the outfit I am wearing here. No, these shorts aren’t my dad’s. These
are supposed to be oversized and I happen to love it. When they came in I was scared of
drowning in them, but with a belt, crop top & strappy heels they came out very
cool and even feminine I think. What’s your opinion?


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