The downside

Wearing: B.Loved chain sweater (find here), Missy Taylor leather skirt (find here), River Island over the knee boots (old), Topshop earrings

Some of you guys may understand what I am about to write down today, while
some of you may be worried “Why the depressive thoughts, girl!?”
What I am to point out is that sometimes it just sucks to be a blogger, be out there
and tell the world day after day “Hey, I am still alive. And I
want you to know that. I am wearing this and this is what I am doing, what do you think?” Cause let’s
be honest… Some days you just want to stay in bed,
don’t go out, don’t dress up and cancel everything. Well, due to
personal reasons this is exactly how I have been
feeling lately. But here I am, still posting with the same
frequency. And the only reason I am doing this is to be described
in one word: passion. That’s the only thing that always keeps me going.
It’s funny how it never fails. I should be thankful for
having it, and believe me I am. I should be thankful for having
a goal and a journey. But today, I just don’t feel like it.
So I am posting, but not the regular.
I just thought it would be honest to tell you that
in stead of writing down positive lines about this outfit (it’s cool though?).
I hope you understand. I promise some positive notes in my next post.

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