5 reasons to wear fur coats

Wearing: Primark high waist jeans, Yaya top, Mostwanted faux fur jacket (find here), Silver necklace (find here), Asos heels

Excuse me for my previous post, which was kind of down and depressing. Thanks for all
of your sweet comments on that; I really appreciate it.
To avoid any negativity today, I thought it would be a good idea to
bring some more structure in my post, simply by pointing out the fabulosity
and fun side of wearing (faux) fur. So here are 5 reasons:
1. Warm and cozy.
I think everyone will agree on this one. Fur coats are the best
when it comes to keeping you warm during this time of the year.
2. Pretty & cute.
This may sound simple, and in fact it is. There are so many fur
coats nowadays; there should definitely be at least one type for everyone.
Fluffy things, and especially fur coats, make everyone look cute. PERIOD.
And whether it is a long, short, colorful, printed or hairy one: it’s pretty.
3. Volume.
A fur coat adds a lot of volume to your outfit, mostly on top. So this is
a great way to accentuate the top of your body if you feel like your
legs, calves or simply your shoes are too bulky.
4. Mixing fabrics
Adding a fur coat is an easy way to play with different fabrics, assuming you
are not wearing furs indoors. So this could mean a combination of
denim, leather, cotton and fur. And there, you have a playful outfit already.
5. On trend
This is not the reason why you should buy it, cause I would never recommend someone
to buy something simply cause it’s on trend. But it is yet another reason why
there are a lot fur coats in stores, and I, for one, really think it’s a must have.
Let me know what you think!

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