What I’m up to this summer? Not much, I guess. Even though a lot of borders are opening up again, I am not sure whether I’d wanna go on a trip with all that’s going on at the minute. So my life consists of working from home, chilling in the park, having fun with friends & family and relaxing… A lot of reasons to wear comfortable outfits and loungewear. But… what exactly to wear if it’s 25 degrees? In this post I am telling you all about it.

Light fabrics
I used to think that joggers were not for me. Too shabby & not stylish. However, I’ve come to love them more and more. Better yet, I am now into complete loungewear sets. A jogger + hoodie can really make my day. Obviously, hoodies tend to be a bit hot during the summer, so instead I have been looking for the type of co-ords that are a little bit more airy. In these photos I am wearing such light fabric set in burgundy. Perfect for indoors with the balcony door open.

Dresses that don’t dress up
To be completely honest, I am at my happiest without having to wear pants. Sounds weird. Or sexy. But the way it feels? Liberating! If no one is around, why would you make things complicated for yourself? And even when people are around, simple T-shirts can actually be enough. A long T-shirt that is, better known as a T-shirt dress. Funny how you could dress it up with high boots, a belt & a hat to go out. But without all the accessories, its perfect for the daytime, reading a book on the couch or sipping juice in the garden.

As described before you’d expect for loungewear and joggers to be too hot. But what if you could find yourself a co-ord that exists of shorts and is sleeveless? Yup. We have a winner. Although I think that this look might come off a bit manly, I am here for it. It looks cool and it’s oh so comfortable. I bet my boyfriend would like to borrow it from me haha.

Now… of course, we don’t just sit at home anymore so in these photos you also see me in classy looks: a black dress with lace sleeves and a corset top. Whatever rocks your boat, honey, just know that you can look good in loungewear too!


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