Sometimes… just sometimes… I don’t want to write a word in my articles, because I feel like the photos should speak for themselves. This is such article. Hereby I am not saying that these photos are the best, but just… that they tell what I can’t put in to words: how my travel genes are put at ease and make me feel one with the sun, the earth and the water when I’m at a beautiful place like this…







A few days ago I received an instagram message from a girl who had checked out my blog and told me that she was totally obsessed with it. Not because I had just inspired her fashion wise, but moreover because I had awakened her spirit and gave her the confidence to follow her dream. That was so touching!

Later that day I found myself a bit too happy in a public transport bus, overwhelmed by yet another opportunity that had come my way. I realized that I was just so grateful for my life that it began to scare me. Haha. It felt kinda weird, but so so good. To know that by following my dream, I inspire others to follow theirs too. Man, I’d wanna jump into the ocean with all people whom I’ve inspired and just share that feeling of freedom and happiness haha. Yeah, I’m losing it.

But looking back at the photos of my trip (endless photo album) I remember that feeling of being far away from home, free, yet always with my feet on the ground and an amazing group of friends and family back home that will always have my back. It’s the best feeling in the world to wander, and know that you’ll always stay in place.

I really hope that by doing what I love, I will create a snowball effect of people waking up to their dreams.

Now, about this look… I am wearing what seems to be just a beautiful bathing suit, but woman, this is not just 1 bathing suit. It’s basically 100 bathing suits in one, because it can be worn in a lot of different ways. The top of the suit is made of two long bundles of fabric that can be tight in any way you like. This multiway kinda garments also come in dresses, playsuits and crop tops. I’m a major major fan, cause you can change looks in a flash.



Wearing: Missguided multiways swimsuit
Photos by Oussama Benalla
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